fantomely was created out of the need to find a simple, privacy-focused analytics platform for my blog.

After scouting the market for a free (or cheap) solution that would fit my needs, I failed to find something. Some possible tools I looked at include:

If you are looking for a serious platform for your analytics needs that also happens to care about your users' privacy, I would recommend checking any of those platforms listed above.

I ended up building fantomely because I valued my time to be worth less than the ~$10/month that managed versions of Fathom, Plausible, and Fugu cost, and instead of self-hosting a third party (like Umami or Plausible), why not just self-host my own platform?

Currently, fantomely is in private beta, and powers the analytics on my blog, but I might monetize it in the future. If you want to play around with it, feel free to join the waitlist, or look at the source code.